Black Friday – Sensory Solutions for Security Nightmare

Black Friday sales can be a security nightmare for retailers. How the science of sensory perception can help with that?

Idenity and Social Media

What can be an effect of social media use on identity development? What does it mean fro consumer-brand relationships?

Digital Detox or Virtual Living

Our lives are increasingly digital. What are the consequences of that and or we already getting tired of virtual living?

Tate Sensorium – Our Experience

This year winner of IK prize – an annual award that rewards the best ideas using innovative technology to increase the public experience of British art – was won by the trio of London artists Flying Objects. They have created … Continued

The Future of Retail & Impact of Emerging Technology – Rakuten Webinar

Our founder Kate Nightingale took part in ‘The Future of Retail’ webinar organised by Rakuten Marketing. Here are few quotes and link to the webinar’s recording.

Fresh From The Lab: Brand Personality Located In The Brain

Recent study finds that we really stock brand personalities in our brains and that each brand has a distinctive mental model.