POPAI Retail Experience Conference

Kate Nightingale spoke on the POPAI Retail Experience Conference on 6th July 2016.

Relationship Before Design

It’s the relationship between the client & the designer that matters most. But is that forgotten in the pitching process?

Brexit – The Effect on Consumer Spending & What Brands Can Do

What Brexit means for consumer spending and what role brands can do.

Has M&S made the right decision to switch off the music?

Could they have done anything else & what the science tells us about the background music in retail stores.

We’ve Won! Best Consumer Behaviour Consultancy – UK 2015

Style Psychology Ltd has been named Best Consumer Behaviour Consultancy – UK in the prestigious Corporate Vision Consultancy Awards 2015.

Black Friday – Sensory Solutions for Security Nightmare

Black Friday sales can be a security nightmare for retailers. How the science of sensory perception can help with that?