What psychology has to do with retail design?

Why would you think of using a psychologist for your next retail design project?

POPAI Retail Experience Conference

Kate Nightingale spoke on the POPAI Retail Experience Conference on 6th July 2016.

Relationship Before Design

It’s the relationship between the client & the designer that matters most. But is that forgotten in the pitching process?

Brexit – The Effect on Consumer Spending & What Brands Can Do

What Brexit means for consumer spending and what role brands can do.

Has M&S made the right decision to switch off the music?

Could they have done anything else & what the science tells us about the background music in retail stores.

We’ve Won! Best Consumer Behaviour Consultancy – UK 2015

Style Psychology Ltd has been named Best Consumer Behaviour Consultancy – UK in the prestigious Corporate Vision Consultancy Awards 2015.