Retail Psychology Explored – Interviews by Breed Comms

Interviews about retail psychology with Breed Communications. 1st Interview: Breed Communications meets Kate Nightingale; 2nd Interview: Breed Communications meets Kate Nightingale Part 2

Senses are a way to customer’s heart

Multi-sensory marketing or branding isn’t a new idea. Scientists have conducted research on the subject for decades and many corporate, retail and hospitality companies have applied, if not all, at least some of this knowledge …

Sound advice (Article from Sleeper Magazine)

I recently asked a general manager how hard it was to manage over 300 staff. She surprised me somewhat by answering “that is the relatively easy bit because we are trained for it. The hard bit”, she explained …

Are our children growing to be followers or leaders?

What do we teach children today about personal style? Do we tell them to copy certain fashion icons and other people around them or do we ask them to find themselves and create their own personal style that reflects their personality?