What Investors are looking for in Retail Brands

In our last Human Discussions talk our founder has chatted with Claire Cherry, Investor at True Global. True is a venture capital fund that invests in innovative brands and businesses to help them grow.

Case Study – The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Behavioural analysis of the brand, experience and marketing. Solutions and Improvements.

The Pop-up Revolution

In our last Human Discussions talk, Kate chatted with John Hoyle, founder and CEO of Sook, a new innovative retail property company that allows you to book retail spaces on the high street by the hour. 

The Smell that Sells

We explored the power of smell in influencing consumer behaviour

Clubhouse: the app of the moment?

Will Clubhouse become the next big social network?
Interested in this question, we have looked a little bit more into the new app of the moment.

The power of Inspiration

We have looked at inspiration and its impact on consumer behaviour.