Amazon One Hour Delivery Creating Stronger Community

Amazon announced their newest delivery innovation – a 1 hour delivery for 10,000 of their products. It’s first introduced in a few areas of London but it’s planned to be rolled out across major UK cities by the of 2015.

It shows that all they do is for their customers, to make their lives easier. They know it will mean commercial gain but, as a customer, you know they really care about you not their P&L.

It’s true that you will have to pay £6.99 to receive your order within one hour and that you will have to be a member of Amazon Prime which costs £79 a year.

However, that only further shows how smart the Amazon UK team really is. They are delivering you convenience via innovation. They’re showing you that they care about how you want to live/work/play and that they work hard to make it possible. But most importantly, they create a stronger community of brand advocates.

By only providing this service to members of Amazon Prime they make it clear this service is something special and therefore in the intial stages only available to the most loyal Amazon customers.

Well done Amazon Team for applying the basic yet crucial understanding of human psyche. We’re at Style Psychology are looking forward to your next of innovation.


Image Source: Amazon UK.

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