Our Mission & Values

We are creating a better world by making brands more HUMAN.
We inspire and support brands to do better by teaching, consulting, creating and innovating.

We encourage leaders to build great human brands that ultimately better people’s lives and contribute to creating a better world.




Better world nor better business won’t create itself. It requires inspiration but esepcially determination and perseverence. We stick to our purpose and help you stick to yours.

Our clients know that we absolutely love bold and often bonkers ideas. Sometimes they make sense for them now and sometimes they might be perfect in 5 years. But we can assure you that we never play small.

Human behaviour is complex. Therefore, we triple check things and often discover even more unique ways of creating your brand and customer experience. We ask a lot of questions, research more, and only then come up with solutions for you, ensuring that they are as impactiful as possible.


We believe that humanity is about collaboration and co-creation. As much as we are bold, we wouldn’t be able to achieve that without all involved. So we treasure close collaboration with our clients and other agencies/experts as we truly believe that this is where the magic happens.


We are very passionate about kindness, compassion and empathy. We also recognise the role of brands in shaping our humanity. Therefore, we believe that all brands should find some way to apply these complex feelings into their strategy and customer experience to create a better world.
Appreciation, recognition and saying thank you is simply our default setting. We love celebrating people’s role in our efforts to create a better world. People fundamentally need to be ‘seen’ and we ensure that everyone who we work with is recognised as an individual they are.


Kate really helped us gain valuable media exposure for our Ramp up the Red campaign. Her expertise both helped secure interviews and added value and impact on the day. I found her to be both professional and enjoyable to work with.”

Polly Shute
Fundraising Project and Campaign Director, The British Heart Foundation

Kate has been a total dream to work with during the Next Shoebox Jukebox campaign. We wanted to create someone different and unique for the bloggers, not just a standard invite – and her shoe psychologist’s note really brought the idea of the Shoebox Jukebox to life. Kate went above and beyond, even when I requested more written analyses. The bloggers LOVED what she had written and they all said how ‘spot on’ she was, which I found amazing. I can’t wait to work with her in the future, I would certainly recommend her to my other colleagues.

Gemma Glover
Social PR Manager, DF London

We worked with Style Psychology to establish how best to market our brand and attract the right people. We decided to work with them due to their unique business proposition of combining psychology with marketing. Due to the nature of our business we thought this style of marketing would be an interesting combination for us.

The team really got us to think about our business and what we wanted to convey through various questioning techniques that really helped us streamline our ideas. The experience kept our minds working and exposed us to new creative ways to market ourselves. The team were a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working with them in the near future.

Luxury Flash Sale Website

“Kate was the spokesperson for a PR campaign I led for a fabric conditioner brand. She helped create interest around a product that is considered quite dry, by providing expert advice on colour psychology. Kate is professional, efficient and flexible and was fully committed to the campaign from start to finish. With Kate’s help, we achieved the desired results for the campaign and I’d certainly work with her again if the right opportunity arose.”

Senior Manager, GolinHarris PR

“With an abundance of shoe retailers, intu Trafford Centre wanted to create an event that would showcase the centre’s fabulous footwear as well as well as increasing sales and dwell time. We found the lovely Kate Nightingale, a shoe and style psychologist, who could tell customers a great deal about themselves just by looking at their shoes. It didn’t matter whether she analysed the shoes customers were wearing or a photo of their favourites. Customers commented on how staggeringly accurate her diagnosis was! Kate was then able to give shoppers top tips on trends and what they should go for. The centre’s best shoe brands were then on hand to help customers to find their perfect pair.”

Sarah Gregory
Senior Account Manager, Al Marketing