We are (customer) HUMAN experience consultancy with a twist. It is a new view on consumer business stemming from an old view on the human.


Our unique formula mixes decades of scientific wisdom on human behaviour, with our team’s unrivalled experience in consumer business and creative thinking unlike any other.

We geek over humans’ experience of your brand. We always ask WHY. And we don’t have the word ‘no’ in our vocabulary.

The innovation is in our blood although we believe that sometimes the most innovative solution is the simplest solution, or more specifically, the most human solution.

In our approach we always come back to the human in the equation – that’s you, your customers and your team. All of you matter; as if we take one part of this equation out, the experience is not going to be as amazing. It’s like a dish that misses that magical ingredient; in this case it is HUMAN.


We put HUMAN back into the equation to help you create incredibly engaging and successful brands and customer experience.


Kate Nightingale

Founder & CEO

Style Psychology Ltd


‘Building a bridge between science, creativity and business’