A human-centred approach to retail property design

2 February 2020

Kate Nightingale illustrates a new approach to retail property design where the subconscious plays a fundamental role. In fact, the human’s experience of an external environment is purely internal and, therefore, great attention should be given to the subconscious. As our founder explains: “Our subconscious is heavily influenced by our senses – sight, taste, smell, touch and sound – as well as a sixth sense, bodily sensations”. Following this, therefore, “good property design should go back to the basics, looking at the fundamentals of being human, our basic needs and our senses, and tapping into people’s powerful subconscious”. According to this, Kate Nightingale explains that if specific elements are strategically chosen, it is possible to achieve greater commercial benefits and build long-lasting relationships with customers.

To know more: https://www.allsop.co.uk/media/guest-blog-human-centred-approach-retail-property-design/